About Us

What began as a summertime family tradition inherited from generations passed evolved into a passion that was quickly mastered, loved, and shared with family, friends, the community, and beyond.

The Bread Man, Tasos Katsaounis, began baking his Yiayia’s recipes as a child under the guidance of his mother. Years later, he found himself in his Houston home, up to his forearms in flour with his own children at his side. One day, his daughter, eagerly observing and absorbing every step from across the kitchen counter, attempted a bite when Tasos explained she couldn’t have any from the batch because they were for someone else to buy.

Without skipping a beat, the then 6-year-old’s response was, “so you’re the Bread Man Baking Company, daddy?” And so a name was born as more of the community grew to find comfort and satisfaction in our bread.

Tasos’ mother, Aspasia, age 4 and 9 with family c. 1950s

Driven By Quality, Rooted In Tradition

Today, tradition and love are baked into every batch of dough using only the finest quality ingredients.

We take a small-batch approach by respecting the process of bread baking and using only simple, natural ingredients. We specialize in producing handcrafted, naturally-fermented artisan bread on a large volume scale while never compromising the integrity of the bread. Baked in a stone hearth artisan deck oven with steam, our standards remain high with the most important ingredient always being time.

Our Team

Tasos Katsaounis

Tasos Katsaounis

Founder & CEO

Tasos was raised in North Texas and is first-generation Greek-American. As the eldest in an immigrant family, he was taught by his mother at the young age of 10 how to bake his Yiayia’s bread recipes in their home kitchen. The Katsaounis family established their roots in Dallas, Texas, where they owned a Bar and Grill and Tasos had an initial taste of the hospitality industry.

While Tasos helped with the family business, he began his career in consulting, tailoring his focus on Learning and Development and Change Management. After a nostalgic conversation among the family about his father-in-law’s fresh baked Greek bread, Tasos was inspired to step back into the kitchen and re-invigorate the recipes his mother had taught him as a child. A single loaf of bread quickly became a hobby, which evolved into an obsession. Before he knew it, Bread Man Baking Co., named by his then 6-year-old daughter Alexandra, was growing organically and gaining traction among the community. After some time in a local Houston commissary kitchen, where he produced for his first customers, Tasos left his 21 year career in consulting to build Bread Man Baking Co. into an independent commercial bakery. Today, Bread Man Baking Co. has partnered with some of the country’s top chefs, hotels, and grocery retailers.

Drew Gimma

Director of Operations

Drew began baking at the age of 20 in Connecticut where he was born and raised. After 4 years of working with a growing company he moved to New York City to gain experience working in a variety of bakeries, eventually landing at Sullivan St Bakery with Jim Lahey. One year after joining Sullivan St he joined the team at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon and Per Se where he spent 3 years, becoming Sous Chef for his final year.

In 2013 he moved to Houston, TX to open Common Bond with Roy Shvartzapel as the Head Baker which offered him his first chance to create his own bread program and explore new techniques and expanding his usage of whole grains. In 2017 he joined Bobby Heugel and Justin Yu to help open Better Luck Tomorrow. In 2018 they began discussing opening a restaurant that eventually became Squable which opened in April of 2019 where Drew was co-chef with Mark Clayton serving rustic European fare with American influence that placed a focus on bread that is often undervalued and underutilized on menus. He joined Bread Man Baking Co. in the fall of 2020.

Our Partners

Our breads can be found on the tables of the country’s most discerning restaurants, cafes, hotels, franchises, grocery stores, and home kitchens.

Partner - The Chefs Warehouse
Partner - Postino

Cory Lattuca

Director of Procurement | Postino

“While quantifying ‘peace of mind’ is tricky, the numbers speak for themselves. Expanding into five new markets with multiple distribution centers? In the past, that would have been a logistical nightmare. Now, thanks to Bread Man’s consistency and expertise, it’s a streamlined operation. “

Driven By Quality, Rooted In Tradition

Let’s Break Bread

From James Beard Award-winning and nominated restaurants and top hotels, to local farmers markets and Whole Foods Market bakeries, we take great pride in providing the same consistently high-quality products to every partner and customer, no matter where you happen to find us.

Tasos Katsaounis