Wheat Sour Batard

Driven By Quality,
Rooted In Tradition

Our commercial artisan bakery provides premium breads to restaurants, hotels, and retailers.

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Our secret ingredient is simply time.

From sourdough and ciabatta, to burger buns and hoagie rolls, we take a small-batch approach to baking quality product at a large scale. We approach the bread baking process with great respect, never taking shortcuts, because we know the most important ingredient is time.

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Tasos Katsaounis

Meet The Founder

The process of consistently achieving a perfect loaf is anything but simple. As a Texas native and first generation Greek-American, I learned the craft of baking my Yiayia’s recipes from my mother at the age of ten. That heritage and tradition are fundamental to every loaf of bread that leaves our bakery. There may be 20 loaves on the shelf, but rest assured, each one received the attention, care, and time that my Yiayia would have provided in her home kitchen.


Tasos Katsaounis

CEO & Founder

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Wheat Sour Batard

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Challah Burger Buns

Multigrain Loaf

Multigrain Loaf

Our Partners

Our breads can be found on the tables of the country’s most discerning restaurants, cafes, hotels, franchises, grocery stores, and home kitchens.

Partner - The Chefs Warehouse
Partner - Postino

Cory Lattuca

Director of Procurement | Postino

“While quantifying ‘peace of mind’ is tricky, the numbers speak for themselves. Expanding into five new markets with multiple distribution centers? In the past, that would have been a logistical nightmare. Now, thanks to Bread Man’s consistency and expertise, it’s a streamlined operation. “

Driven By Quality, Rooted In Tradition

Let’s Break Bread

From James Beard Award-winning and nominated restaurants and top hotels, to local farmers markets and Whole Foods Market bakeries, we take great pride in providing the same consistently high-quality products to every partner and customer, no matter where you happen to find us.

Tasos Katsaounis